Why is it that i write


Why is it that I writeI write out of fearThat I'm alone in my thoughtsThat no person thinks the same way that I do I write because my thoughts consume my mindAnd I have yet to meet someone who thinks like meI write because I was raised as a Christian Yet I'm still not to sure what believing is I'm one of those people who questions everything And according to society that's just not the way young woman like me should be thinkingI write because I need to talk about the possibilities Of society manipulating everything We know and telling us what to think How can I truly be sure of anything. God is a major thought that encompasses my brainHow even if you don't believe America still puts it in your mindWith our pledge to the flagWhere we our one nation under god. And if you don't believe, it's still what you are taught I write because I was raised in a world where questions that cause an issue Should only stay where they're  safeFrom judgement and ridiculeIn your mind without escape I write because society doesn't accept the way I thinkAnd when i feel my thoughts are consuming my lifeI empty my mind and begin, to write.   


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