Why I'm Always Asleep

I had a dream that

the trees were orange 

and your heart was red and 

I floated like dying leaves through

your head. you said 

i felt like fire burning through

your veins. you spent

three whole days hoping thst

it rains.


i had a dream that 

the sea was calm

but your heart was not you

were tangled in the net like a fish that

got caught. you saw

rainbows when you were starting

to drown. you clawed

your way up but you shoved

me back down.


i had a dream that 

the room was so dark

but i could still see your eyes and

when i woke up alone i

came to despise

the sun on my face and

the trees, the sea!

i could only see you in

the trees and the sea but 

i could only see you if i

fell back asleep.


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