Why I Write: To Be The Person I Want To Be

Why I write? It's my reason to fight, for
what I believe, let people see through my

Everything I feel, and all that I know
gets unleashed in my writing, while I'm a
person unknown. In my writing I get to be
whoever I want to be, and get out everything
that is important to me, my one and only
way to really be heard, while I'm quiet on
the outside, I'm writing all I learn. I write
about my faith with no one to tell me to shut
my mouth because you can't shut up writing
if it doesn't say a word, you can't shut up
writing that physically is not heard.

It's a readers choice to get up and walk away
or stay there reading what others won't let me
say, but it's a writers obligation to write, and that
I do with perfection because I write to give others
sight. What I write has a judge, but it is only me,
and only I can change what my writing needs to

I write to change the world, I write to share my faith,
I write so people can see, I write just to be me, to let
out all the words that others won't let me say. I write
to give me a reason to live my life my way.



Shanelle Simpson

Why I Write

MVP-Most Valuable Poet

you vaildate your poem of why you write

you have the right to tell your own life story

keep writing


BEAUTIFUL!!! I love this, and agree with every word on this poem; this poem is so inspirational, keep writting :)


I agree! What you wrote here reflects what I think and sort of what I wrote for this slam. Keep it up!

Nia Roe

So amazing! You embodied the reason we all write! 


Very inspiring and beautifully written! Thank you for sharing.



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