Why I Write

I enjoy breathing life into paper.

Words come so naturally to me.

It helps to prove my emotions exist.

It helps to set my imagination free.


I have more control when I'm writing.

Words get stuck on lips, not lines. 

Written words have always been there,

While spoken words have failed me at times. 


Through writing, I attempt to create a new world,

though I often make things up as I go along.

I have thoughts and ideas to get out of my mind,

and emotions can only be held in for so long.


I can take pain and turn it into something beautiful,

and I hope to inspire many people one day.

I like putting my own spin on stories.

It helps keep the boredom away. 


No one listens to the quiet girl,

but I still have things I want to say. 

Words have the power to change people, 

and without them I wouldn't be who I am today.




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