Why I write


I close my eyes as I fall asleep,

I dream I can change the truth into reality,

My understandings shallow, 

But still gradually expanding,

Searching for the profundity,

and only found a shadow,

My hopes bring a new meaning to the future,

Hopefully they can provide a piece of mind or some sort of solution,

I spend time in my mind,

Until I come to the conclusion,

That my style is divine,

and why i write is for the future,

Through my early ages, 

I feel as though I have been brushed by greatness,

Inspired by the courageous

Admired through many pages,

I should make my future mine, 

And set my expectations towards the skies,

And leave the rest of my work,

To survive the test of time,

Through this poem of written words,

i can touch generations meant to be heard, 

slashing with my pen like a sword,

Through many verbs,

No one can see the world as I precieve it,

Who can i rely on to tell my story other than me,

Why should the world miss out on the creation of my genius

and accept second place in the face of the common history,

And if fame isn't my future

And i'm not meant to be great

then so be it,

But at least I can say I tried

I think about it all

before i close my eyes as i fall asleep 


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