Why I write?

Tue, 08/13/2013 - 01:27 -- Havilah

When I began to write it was to escape from a dark place.

To be joined to a rap group that expressed a substantial amount of grace.

It was a way to call for a higher standard of living.

It was a way that the Lord called me to give what I was supposed to be giving.

I was shocked at the way that my group was received.

It is amazing at how much work can be done when your sword is unsheathed.

So I worked and plowed because I had something in my heart to give out.

God had given me deliverance and I could not help but scream and shout.

The time has been long and there has and will be much toil.

However, this is just so when I get to my destination, I will not spoil.

Sometimes the struggle of life is hard to bare.

Other times there is happiness although this reaction is rare.

I can stand up and say that the joy of the Lord is my strength.

So in the midst of hard times and even when I am in a pinch.

I will fall down or lean back in the arms that have always held me.

I may cry; I may reel in anger, but the Lord just waits until I am ready to see.

He says, “Look at this aspect of life from a new perspective”.

Then He takes and gives me a brand new directive.

The reason I write is to give people hope.

Yes, that little chance, you know, to throw them a rope.

Some get it and some don’t.

Few may refuse because they just won’t.

So when decision time comes for me.

Will I wait, encourage, and stand to look ridiculously?

Well that is not up to me to choose, because I submit.

I submit to give my mind, will, and emotions; yes, all of it.


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