Why I Write


The first time I started writing, I fell in love,

Now I'm addicted, poetry is my drug.

It comes unasked from my gut

I can finish, but never quit like a cigarette bud.

Now, I write because the paper is the only thing that listens.

I write because it's what makes me different.

Each letter, word, and coma

The pen is my child, and I am it's mama.

To love and protect is mere responsibility 

I write because it's a reflection of my creativity.


I write because the words are like the family I never had.

They are my Couselors, they help me get over my past.

Never once did they judge me, because they never talk back.

I write because the pen speaks what I dare not say

I write so I'll never forget what happened that day

My blood, it's ink, never fades away.

I write because I am a victim who has arisen

My rage on paper keeps me out of Prison.


Words heal when I am emotionally sick

I write because the pen is my weapon

My gun. My blade. My brick.

I write because the paper is the only one that knows me

Poetically, on the lines I am Free.





MVP-Most Valuable Poet

you live to write

you write to live

keep writing-let your voice be heard


This is simply amazing work.  Thank you so much for sharing!


This is moving. I like how the poem rhymed, but they were not cheesy rhymes. Sorry to be blunt, but this poem is not afraid to rip you a new one. It is brutally honest, and I love that. Keep writing.

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