Why I Write


I write to express myself

To show that there’s more

To what you see on the outside


Inside there is a girl

Who has been through hell and back

But keeps a smile on her face

To let you know she’s ok


I write to express more

Than what can be shown by action

With each word bringing

More emotion and feeling


I write so that others can relate

To get inspired by the stories being told

Nobody knows the creativity one has

Till the words are in print


These words come from somewhere inside

That I spill out of my mind

My heart, my soul

Into every note that is spoken


In the poems that are written

They are not for my eyes to see

Or words I need to read

But for you to open your mind

To test, to see, how to think of things


Anyone can write poems

By putting words into a sentence

Into lines, into a stanza

That can mean anything

Or nothing at all


I write for the power of imagination

To give you the choice

To believe or not to believe

That is completely up to you.

But because God has given me

The strength to tell stories in ways

That can be understood through poem.


That is why I write.


MVP-Most Valuable Poet

you live to write

you write to live

allow your words to come out of your mouth

and express it honestly

keep writing


that was beautiful



this is amazing!


i love it! and i completely agree with your reason for writing. your eloquence conveys a message that is truly inspiring. keep it up.


This is good it's like i can understand this so well thanks for sharing


Complete a great poem to describe writer, writing is an art and not anybody can write anything, sometime I am also seek homework help to write my poem or essay on different topic.


thank you , this is beautiful poem

دوربين مداربسته

Jan Wienen

I understand ... almost completely


I understand as well


Keep writing

That's what mother said

Till you have no passion to continue

That is what you do

So write till you feel no passion


<3 <3 <3 

Jasmine Pabon

I'm often misinterpreted.

The English dictionary, won't someone call Merrium Webster?

Huh, it often confuses me why I'm intellictual, so linguistic that a book has made my words seem a little different

Though I am still human

Though I speak in a complex manner, nor is this any different from the tongues you speak

We all speak in tongue in our own language

Merrium is mine, even if that shallow concept is interpreted different.

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