Why I Write?


Why do I write? Why do I love? Why do I live? Why do I write about who and what I love? Why do I write about where I live? Maybe I write to get what I feel out of that little bottle. Maybe I write because when I don't write that little bottle burst inside of me and cause a pain. Do you see what i'm trying to gain? Now, I didn't grow up with mama saying write what you feel. I didn't grow up with daddy saying if you don't write, you're not going to get a toy. I didn't grow up with my teacher saying if you don't write you won't get a good grade. I'm the one that sharpened that blade. I write because it makes me feel good. I write for every young male and female that grew up in the hood. I write to express my feelings, and I write about how everyone else is feeling as well. Can't you tell? I'm just a 16 year old girl in this so called precious world trying to be successful, but all i'm getting is a ear full. I write because when I write, I write things that no one else writes. I write because I know that i'm not the only one in my highschol that feels stressed and under pressured.  I write because while everyone wants to pretend, I want to make a change and start to begin by writing. I write because I know that if someone else reads my writing, then they will feel like they can do it too. I don't want anyone feeling blue. I write about what rappers don't rap about. I write about what preachers don't preach about. I write about what speakers don't speak about. Although my writing isn't out there yet, I will always be ready to write the next.

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Hi Guys, This is my first poem on here and I just want to know how you feel about it. I love to write and I love to read what others write. Please comment :)

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