Why I Write


United States
39° 59' 2.7312" N, 75° 10' 50.8944" W

Writing is my art, it is the way I sing

when my pen moves, I spread my wings

flying high above the Earth, the written word has me lifted

my writing is magical;I feel truly gifted

inspiration is everywhere, the littlest things make me write

from a child's laugh, to the way it gets dark at night

my pen takes off, there's no stopping me

I write more than I speak; this art is how I breathe

as amazing as my mother, my writing has brought me to life

drama filled like my sister, each tale is a star on the rise

much different than anyone else, my words take on lives of their own

each add to a riveting story, growing more passionate, more strong

A plain girl I may appear, but my art is so much more

creatively flowing, a reader never knows what's in store

Touching the hearts of others, I've learned beauty comes from within

I never could truly express myself until I did it using my pen


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