Why I Write.


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I began to write because I was unable to express myself clearly by speaking.
So I decided to express myself, my thoughts, my morals and my views of life through writing.
I started to read more poems and literature from other great writers, poets, and novelists.
That's when my inspiration and desire to write, grew.
Throughout the course of my young life, that inspiration and desire grew and expanded to the point in where I began to write meaningful things. Things that keep people thinking. Like a question within an answer. Many have not read my writings and poems nor have they paid much mind to them but I believe that I will be like those once unknown, now famous writers. Even if my works have been unknown now, in the future, they will inspire and help many. Because, as many say, "patience is key". And if one would one day ask me if I began to write specifically for the fame and fortune, I would honestly reply:"I don't care much about the money nor the fame, but I would like to be known to those who are in need of help and or in need of a voice that would be heard." I wish to be that inspiration, that voice that one day will be heard. I want my writing to be their lifeline in the difficult and life-threatening times of mankind's lives. I wish that, within my writing, they can find a reason or reasons to keep going, to keep fighting. That has become my reason to keep on writing because you can save lives even through writing. There are many people out there, an immense amount of people that wish to be heard but they've grown weak from the years of trying but multiple times, failing to be heard and supported. I want to help them gain the strength they've lost, be their support so that one day, their voice and actions can make a difference in this corrupted society. I am well aware that I need to improve my writing skills and such because I still lack some, or even many, important aspects of writing, and I will. But, for now, I dearly hope that this rather long "poem", touches some people and maybe even inspire them. So, once again, I write to help others, to further expand their thoughts and views of life and other various subjects and to expose their minds to the influential powers of writing and literature.


Lady Serena

A rather long "poem" on why I write.

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