Why I Live

Wed, 05/28/2014 - 18:00 -- jnb22

Others living day by day

Like a book wide open

with no inspiration to guide them

What the hell can i say?


There are no words to express

The wisdom I have gained

It seems i've aced this test

But how did i do it?


They monotonously chant to us


But fail to explain how or what it means

So how can these words we trust?


I attempt to guide others

How to promote their lives

Grasping straws to find the words 

Are there words to explain this "fictious" reality?


I aim for self-improvement and keep my goals in view

Dropping the ones who dont share my passion

This is a good start on how you can too

But then again, perhaps not?


There is power in change

Outside influences can have the impact of a meteor

It depends on how one handles it 

To lean in and brace for it, or let it knock you down?


The ultimate truth is there is no easy way

But I did it by meeting my own meteor

A person who learned in their own way

Do you know somebody like that?


Sometimes it comes in the company one keeps

Others in the form of an epiphany

But all in all it begins with self reflection

Are you happy with what you see?


This friend changed the lenses I view my world from

Rising towards my goals with asteroid like ambition

We were brave enough to put our heads in the clouds

and guess what?

Gravity still never found us.





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