Why I Failed Language Arts

I never learned to read

I can't comprehend how letters form words which make sentences

And for every tap, twitch, and twindle there is a book being written


I was never taught how to analyze a story

Where the beginning ends and where the middle starts and how when it says "book" it's not talking about plot twists on blank pages binded by thread.


It's talking about how I don't know what to say when you look at me with empty eyes

and I can't say how to fill them

How I can't    s o u n d      o u t     a simple movement of your expression

And I know you're saying something but you're hundreds of reading levels out of my league and the space between each line is too blurry to read


Just... Paint a metaphore with your lips

Explain how your emotions are ink and I am your canvas

Do not sing with your body

Your skin makes music I cannot hear


Write with your tongue

And I will not speak with my ear 

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