Why does it not end?

Ninety percent

Can be prevented.

But who would try

To end the way they're treated.


Nobody knows

Most of the time.

It is well-hidden

This horrid crime.


The victim's don't know

How to end it.

They are so young

They have to submit.


Submitting to pain

Unbearable wrath.

Sometimes so bad

They consider death.


Death coming to them

By their own hand.

They do not know

God has a plan.


They will be saved

But they do not know.

How can it stop

Hurting them so?


So know the signs,

School, home, and social.

Know each child

Because it can be fatal.


Know they can hide it

Know that some don't.

Know how to help them

When others won't.


Depression and bruises,

Bad grades and behavior.

Child abuse will always

Put them in danger.



Need to talk?

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