Why Do I Write?


I write to show what I have to say 

Things my mother told me I should hold my tongue for

Things I feel I cant share because I got trust issues

The paper can say what words can not speak

My pen writes the depth of memories on those papers

Pen and paper were overexposed to me during school 

So I tend to play april fools with pencils

Because people with pencils tend to erase their mistakes 

and mistakes are made for you to notice your wrong doings

So I write to show my mistakes without erasing

Just remaking and aceepting my imperfectations on those paper

See because my story is meant to be said

Like everybody else around me I feel that your story defines you

You memories define you the things you saw defines you, whether your going into an insane asylum or not, your actions define you

All these things define you because if you wasnt to take the course of actions you did you wouldnt have this type of story

So I write to tell my story my words cant explain

To write the words my mouth cant whisper or the wind cant tell secrets about 

I write to show emotions, the troubles of my skin color, my hair, my height, my weight, my clothes, and my thoughts

Because not all my thoughts should be said aloud

Unless its told in a story line and it doesnt make me sound crazy

Stories make you recongize the lesson at hand and pave the way for new adventures

So I write to tell stories about my past to the future 

Hoping that the future will decide to learn the lesson and wont make the same mistakes as I did


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