Why do i write?


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Why do I write you say?

Why do i scribble the day away?

Words are moving, filled with emotion.

Writing succesfully requires devotion.

It is upon this note,

That here this poem is what i wrote.

I write to inspire,

I write to soothe,

I write to acquire

an understanding on how the heart moves.

In the end what is the world?

If naught but chaos is unfurled?

It is a time for peace...

A revolution to make the pain cease...

To repair the damage cause by society

To rise up those lower on the hierarchy.

The food chain of life has caused us strife.

Here i write now to end this tonight,

For if my worlds heal at least one,

Then i can rest easy knowing my work has been done.


MVP-Most Valuable Poet

you live to write

you write to live

tell your story the way you know how

let your voice be heard

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