Why Are You 16 in College


Questions everyday

What you're how old?

How did you even get here, your a baby?

Omg! You're a baby, my little sister/brother is your age.

You should not be here, go back to highschool where you belong.


Why do we tend to discriminate against those who are doing good, 

should one not be happy that someone else has a possibility for a brighter future,

I understand that how I got here is misunderstood,

but putting me down is not going to make me any older,

being here is something that I am proud of,

and I won't allow myself to shoved,

so before you ask me "Why are you 16 in college",

just know that my response will be, "Why are you not"?




Experience Tranquility

This is amazing, I absolutely feel your pain as an early college student

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