Why Appearance Matters


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I remember the days
When a ponytail was good enough
When contacts were for Sundays
And makeup was only for special occasions

I remember the days
When yoga pants were ok
And you could where flip flops
No matter the weather

Now these days
Sleeping in is a thing of the past
Sunglasses don’t work with regular glasses
And makeup is an everyday thing

Now these days
Style is jeans or dress pants
Cute boots, high heels
Classic All-Stars

Life was simpler then
When only your peers
Had something to say
And impressing them didn’t matter

But now there she stands
Looking in the mirror
Four years old and full
Of quiet confidence

Absolutely sure of what she wants
Looking to you for inspiration
She says with a smile
“I want to look like you today.”

And everyday
For as long as you know her
She will utter those words
“I want my hair like yours today”

And it will remind you
For as long as you live
To care just a little bit more
Because she will always want to look

Just. Like. You.


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