Why am I blue?

Funeral visions of half remembered pasts

Casket crates and crematorium

Burnt bridge thicket Thames 
Whispers "I told you so"
Cold silence and awkward contact with
But your blood does not bleed me
And my blood does not bleed you 
But you have stolen half my heart
You blood-lusting lupus 
You stole my heart 
Voraciously you ate and watched
As I grew white as snow
Cerulean in the flesh
And with half-moon eyes
I blink twice now 
A passionless presence
With no words. 
And nothing to say.
"Why are you blue?"
I am asked. As I sit trying to ponder.
Why am I blue.
Why are you red.
Why is she yellow.
I was born blue 
But quietly I shine
Like the ocean I twinkle in the light
And rise with the tide...
There are moments when I am not frigid.
But mostly.
I am cold.
Love me for what I am or leave.
But the answer remains I have no idea. 
Only speculation.
But blue I will remain until
such corruptions
such as these.
such poisonous events.
darken me.
Baby blue born I was.
royal blue I currently am.
but darker and darker I trek 
as satan shuffles the aces 
up his sleeve.
"21" he screams.
and I lose my shirt.
and then my shorts.
I am standing naked.
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