I gave it all again
Let you break down the wall around my heart
Why did you have to hurt it?
Make it bleed?

Why ruin the chance for others?
Was it because you loved me enough to want no one to have me,
But not enough for you yourself?
Is that the reason?

I believed all the lies you told me
I believed all the little tricks
I believed the smiles on your face
When you said my name

It's not a game
This thing called love
You can't just throw it around
So tell me how I'm expected to deal with this.

With dignity?
I lost it when I loved you
With grace?
I'm a klutz
With truth?
I'm a failure

So tell me why it hurts so much
When I know it wasn't true.
Tell me why you send me away
When you always said I love you


MVP-Most Valuable Poet

people should never say i love you and use it as a trophy to win over somebody
love is not suppose to hurt-if you are in that position, time to let go
great job in reflecting and sharing your poem
ppl can learn a great deal from it


Thanks. My boyfriend and I broke up yesterday and I guess I'm not quite over him yet. If you ever need anything let me know.

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