Just because you are not racist does not mean you are unconsciously terrified of what you think black people are capable of. You may not notice but when you catch sight of us you instantly tense up. You instantly get paranoid and prepared for the worst.
But why?
Why do you except the worst?
Why do you feel we are always up to something destructive?
you have never seen us before
In your ENTIRE life.
Why would you expect less of me because of the color of our skin.
Or the texture of our hair.
But does that really matter?
It shouldn't.

This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world



I have no words to to say, particularly for a reason that it's quite true what you have written and shared here. It's everywhere inside everyone who keep thinking that way as you would expect out of clear understanding. I'm a writer and have some good experiences dealing with topics that deals with injustice interms of human caring between the individuals. I currently work for a cheap essay writing service and I'm used to write some poems whenever I get some free time.

I hope this place is place is going to be a contributory platform for me to share my poems and also to read some nice poems shared by you guys.


John Williams

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