Why am i so fucked up in the head

sitting here wishing that i was dead.

Crying inside this shell called a body

wishing this disorder on nobody.

Why do i feel so empty inside,

wanting a reason to just feel alive.

Can somebody help me find the cure,

because my decisions are so unsure.

Why do i turn to blades,

cutting my skin almost every day.

Hy heart has sunk into a dark abyss,

as i watch the blood drip from my open wrist.

Why cant i just be happy now,

while i stare at death with a raised brow.

He looks at me, and i look at him,

he tells me now, its sink or swim.

Why have i just given up,

see my life end so abrupt.

Hanging the noose, with a such delight

mabey the pain will end tonight


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