I write for the silenced,

the needy

I write for the weak

and the weary


I write for the persecuted

the judged

the ignored.


I write for those who are bored

bored of life,

bored of death,

bored of an endless cycle of pain

and regret.


I write to break free

of these social chains.

These expectations

held by my name.


I write to feel peace

to feel love

to feel hope


To feel as if I'm not the only one- nope

I'm not

Not when I write, I am not alone

These words, my friends,

are my new home


Within them I am sheltered

from all types of weather

whether or not

they make sense to you

The words were written mainly for me in all truth


I write because writing making sense

It all flows together no matter what events

change my life

I always have writing by my side


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