I admit I was always jealious cause my cousin drug dealing making money

I thought to myself this isn't what i know

i made a list with a couple things written

My personal experience was the first thing written

I thought to myself

Maybe if I step outside the box and speak with my emotion

Hopefully you guys will fill it

To my friends and family I was always difficult to deal with

Cause I was always making those stupid wrong desions

Well most of the people I know are working 2 jobs just to make a living

Am over here trying to throw away my life by drug dealing

Im sorry to the people I hurt the most

I ask myself why, why do I wanna be like them

Im trying to better my ways

So one day I can tell my son not to choose that way

It sucks when you have to grow up to fast

It was around mid-august just to be exact

The day I found out my mom was diagnosed

I thought to myself  what do I do now

I actually step outside the box and for once saw the bigger picture

Its sad cause when I was growing up my dad wasn't even in the picture

Im grateful for all the things my mom done for me

Like giving her life to me and my sisters

Rasing me into a man and taught me how to take responsibities and be loyal

Its breaks me down knowing the women who knows me the best

And takes me back everytime im in the wrong

Has no cure

I had to accept the fact my mom was sick and there was nothing I could do about it

Thats when life hit me in the face

And told me I had to get my shit together

Life never been easy its only going to get harder

But sometimes you have to understand thats what makes you become a man

I thank the Summer Bridge for giving me another shot at life

If it wasn't for you my life would be a mess

I think everybody life is like a roller coaster it goes up and down and all around

But its up to make the choice to move forward or just fall on the ground and stay there

Thats what I did for longest time and I wasn't going anywhere in life

But down hill

If it wasn't for god I would have never found my true colors and show me what im capible of doing

Be the change you wish to see in the world and Stay Hungry Stay Foolish



Please tell me what you think of my poem share it like it commet anything.

That would give me that extra motivation to keep writing and posting them up.

Thank you for your time to read it.

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