San Francisco
United States

My reasons why are much deeper than the past

Looking to the future like

How the hell do I keep going?

My eyes stay blurry I can barely see what I’m writing.

How does life change faster than lightning?


San Francisco.

So many stories of young boys that’ll never be told

To the corporate CEOs but it’s ok because

Nobody really cares about us ghetto city kids.

Shot him in his face now he’ll never get old.

And his closest friends will never get over it,

Never dreaming I’m having nightmares trying to let go of it.


I cried like my baby sister Leah the day we said good bye.

Make sure I make $100 million so everybody knows your name

Because Uncle Sam can care less about you if you’re not paid.

Can’t eat tri-tips

Tailored Hugo Boss suits on minimum or stipends

Or even pay for education so I will someday.

Sometimes an urban youth flips because there’s nothing to eat.


Hunger’s not a joke.

I’ve been wearing the last 3 years every day this same peat coat.

Pray another close brother doesn’t fall to the violence.


There’s no getting used to it the 2nd,

Or 3rd time.

There’s no one I despise.

I see through insecurities that makes half of America hate life

Down to the essence

Of love and the ability to create the definition of amazing.


Picture your eyes that change color like candy gloss because it’s all that takes the pain away.


I miss my cousin Corey,

How can he be a lifer?

I want to write you

But I can barely say I’m doing better than you.

Hungry as a wolf forever howling at the moon.


All I want is to run away and lay on a beach in St Thomas,

Sip Caribbean rum out of a pineapple.

The thought of not seeing my sister my mind cannot grapple.


Can’t describe how my feet hurt from doing all this strenuous work.

COs only write papers,

Our backs breaking,

Life isn’t fair.

I’d have posed as Trayvon’s ghost and took the stand just to see justice.


How can you have all that power,

And still be blind?

Throw out the weed, open your eyes

We ain’t got no rights!

Amendments must be make believe,

They’re nowhere in sight.


Only love I know is from my mother.


Infatuated with this Latina.


Her eyes shine a light on the greatest part of me

And I start to see clearer.

But her experience is the same

So she’s just another fantasy in my head,

I’ll accept anything that makes me strive harder,

Even if it’s a freaky thing that my dirty mind thought up.


Seeing my friends leave cut deep,

They should’ve took me too,

But I’ll never lay down,

For the first time like a grown man

I’ve got a plan.


That’s the reason why

I do what I do.



Stop the shooting, get paid, and change the world.

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