Who's really there ?

Wed, 08/13/2014 - 20:30 -- Tiana21


Who's really there ?

YOU see the person of what she dreams to be, of what she cries for, prays for ,does things for ,just to succeed in the life that the all mighty put her in .

Who's really there ?

The girl that looks at herself each day and only sees the hunger that daddy doesn't know about , the lost love that not even the closest person she knows doesn't even know about ,the struggle stress and hardships of trying to make sure her mother brother and her don't fall apart because the things we want ain't there no more  but what about the thing we need ?

We all have our own opinion on things but this girl has seen hell and she will be damned not to go back to it .

YOU see love in her , YOU see strength and confidence,YOU see respect .

But.....no one ever asks

Who's really there ?

She would tell you that the person who's really there does have love ,does have strength does have respect , but not in the way YOU think. No confidence at all though that all died years ago.

Who's really there ? Again.....

She's got love; that loves everyone but herself , she's got strength ; but not enough to keep on this beaten path of hurt and longing ,she's got respect ; for everyone else except herself but does defend herself when you tell her she doesn't .

She's the girl who's there for everyone else ,laughs, puts on a smile when she needs to and plays it safe always . Shes scared of going hungry again , scared of maybe in the future she wont be able save her mother from the mistakes of getting pregnant by a young boy and that maybe in the future she might not see her mother at all . Shes scared that the streets that run her life might one day run her little brothers life and make him become one of those dumb gangster wanna be assholes that don't give a damn about nothing but "getting money and fucking bitches " she doesn't want to see him in a casket before her . Shes scared daddy will find out about there troubles and take them away from their sick mother leavng her their by herself.

You dont know her , you know the image of her not her story.

Now my question to you is ...

Who's really there ?

Because she....or should i say ..


That's Who's really there.
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