This is Who You Are to Me and You Don't Understand how Much You Mean to Me

You are comfort

You are hope

You are a light behind a

sea of air that I once

thought was a wall of


You are pure

You are true

Your mere presence calms me

Yet my breath catches when I 

see you and all thoughts

vanish from my head and


You hold me I want to stay

here forever and never let

You go.

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Pride Ed

It is a decent start. Very relatable; I'm sure most readers
of this would have felt this at some point.

Some of the descriptions here are hard to picture.
Like, what the "pure" mean? What does "true" mean? And I'm not talking
about the general definitions of these words, I'm talking about what has
made you use these words? What descriptions/imagery can you give me based
on these words? Show me these words; don't tell me these words, you know?

As for structure, don't captalize every beginning line (modern poetry tends to shy away
from this, and start using proper puncutation (unless it's written like a "stream of

Keep writing!!!

Pride Ed

lol double post.
ignore this one. ^_^

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