Who Would've Thought ...

Who would've thought a world like ours could be so mean, demeaning lives for financial stability, who would've thought time could go so fast, eight years seemed to just fly past, it's a shame that making the world great again means depriving all the rights we once had, seems like we proved Martin wrong when he asked to be free at last, who would've thought that our world would still be divided, its as if segregation has once again began thriving, we enter rooms with staring eyes, we commit the same crime but are given more time, we are recognized by the color of our skin and not by our potential or intelligence, we are judged before understood, questioned before heard, sat to the side without given the chance to stand out, but we are humans, are we not equal, do we not bleed the same blood, are our bones a different color as well, does our distinct features fear you, does our hair bother you, does our voices demean you, why are you afraid, we are human as well, just because we are stronger should not fear you, though it should motivate you, do not be intimidated by our presence, for inside we have the same heart, though I do understand you must protect your self, for we may walk away from you, dig in our pockets for identification, or simply nothing, we will do nothing and you still fear us, but why, are you consumed with stereotypes, do you have a specific opinion about us, are you racist, and please do not lie, you are, and there's no sense in lying about it, but why, why do you feel we should bow down to you, worship the ground you walk on, praise you as though you are God, I will never understand, I could never comprehend you being greater than me, we are equal, I respect you, though your fear and hatred has caused you to disrespect me...., who would've thought that this would be our world, who would've thought that conflicting views could be so strong that they can divide us, cause us to hate each other, I never thought it could be, and it's upsetting to think that I've lived in this world so long, the idiotic fighting seems normal....,  welcome to (a)merica, once grand and tall, admired by all, but now nonexistent, revolting, avaricious, and collapsing before our eyes 

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Our world
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