Who Will I Be?

I’m not sure where I’m heading

or where I should actually be.

I’m lost in an indecisive trance

of who I could and may be.


I grew-up with many ambitions,

thoughts, and wild dreams.

Who knew that they would vanish

without a spark or gleam.


I’m encouraged to be realistic

and practical--yet true!

But that makes no sense,

when I’m constantly

told to be exactly like you…


They ‘praise’ me for being daring,

and for going after what I want.

But they truly think it’s a phase--

some temporary teen nonchalant.


“The fashion industry is too hectic,

while modeling isn’t fit for you…

Let’s be honest, you’re too short and

don’t have the curves, Boo-Boo!”


I hear this all the time--

it’s become too normal to my ears.

I wish I could tell my future--

and not have to wait all these years!

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