Who We Mourn

Sun, 10/23/2016 - 15:28 -- Kaybarr

So many deaths

From disease - war -

Starvation - abuse.

So many tragedies

In Hiroshima - Columbine -

Paris - Boston.

A moment of silence

On 9/11 - Rememberance Day -

The Fifth of November - too many.

We mourn the disasters,

And rightly we should -

But how can we forget

About the people whose

Lives have not been jarred

By any catastrophe you can see?

Why does the suffering

Of one small person

Have to depend on whether

Everyone else can see

The cause?

When anyone dies, someone mourns -

We should all mourn the loss

Of the life of one of our own;

But that's not to say

We should ignore one

Just because another

"Has it worse."


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