Who Needs Saving Anyway

If you were to hold me, you'd note I was cold

That's of course, if you were really that bold.

It takes courage to love a lion,

Especially one who needs no shoulder to cry on.

I was never fragile, never so weak--

Never so lost, that I couldn't speak.

I don't want your help--I don't need saving,

For true love, my heart isn't craving.

Knights in shining armor never meant much

To a girl who grew up a warrior, and loathed a man's touch.

Tear up those dresses,

I'll cut off these gold tresses;

Who needs to be polite

When you know how to fight?

Go find a different girl, if you want be a hero,

Come close to me you'll be just a zero.

This isn't something you need think hard on--

I need not explain myself, since I'm already half gone.


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