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(poems go here)Scrolling through the past like Gods fingers across lifes pages wondering what happened between then and now..
The excitement that was once flooded upon your face is now a grimace of the known..
What happened to that smile?
It went away with the amazing conversation that we onces had.
from the palyful rants to the late night talkst that were hot enough to make a snakes blood boil
It went away with August 3rd when i said "AWWWWHH i feel lucky too Babe, im lucky to have you"
Only for me to reply "dammnnn bae, i can really see myself falling for you hard"
That excitement that was once tatterd across your face is no longer there nd i have no reason why
Do you feel like im being disingenuous when i tell you that i love you
But i didnt forget my promise, I made the promise on July 28th that when i loved you i would let you know
I Love You
And the world could know, and see that this feeling is one i have never felt
it feels like jumping off of a plane, unsure of what may happen only to land on both feet.
Its impossible, but nowhere near as impossible as it is for someone to love you more than i do
I love you now seems like something that we have to say because we have to prove to ourselves that we still do.
just let me know where the old you went
the one that thought we were meant to be on July 25th
The one whose morning i made! when i told u that "If I had a girl like u I would make it my goal to take her breath away evryday!"
We have come so far from September 25th 2011


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