Who I Once Was

There's something that stirs
Under the surface
Of my skin
It Creeps
And Crawls
And Begs to get in


I slam the door shut
Every Single Time
And yet it returns
And tries to gnaw itself out alive

There are things now
That I have learned
Stories shared
Knowledge earned


But my past self
Still hungers for birth
Betwixt the changing
And growing
That the new me has unearthed


So I try to push down
All the bad habits that I have shed
And yet they're still there
Crawling underneath the surface ready to be bled


What I'm learning now
Is that the past me wasn't bad
It just learned the wrong things
And now it's trying to be glad


So embrace the old you
But push for the new
And learn that things change
For the better, too.

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