Who I am.

I am black. I am a girl. People tell me all the time what i can and cannot do. They label me as ignorant, rude, ghetto and ratchet because of my color. I am weak, whiny and sensitive because of my gender. Who are you? You do not know me the way I know myself. I am black. I am a girl. Yes it is true that I do not know everything in life but neither do you. What is your purpose in life? Why is the sky blue? Why is fire hot and water cold? What makes us human beings? Why do people die? You don't know the answers am i correct? I am black. I am a girl. I am able to give childbirth, are you? I am strong. I am black. I am a girl. I smile when I can, I live my life for me and love every minute of it. I am black. I am a girl. I have complaints, but so do boys. Does this mean that boys are actually girls too? I am black. I am a girl. I express myself with the clothes I wear and paint my nails to my likings. I am black. I am a girl. I handle my responsibilities while most people play the blame game. I am black. I am a girl. I entrust God with my future and worship him when I am able. I don't have everything that I want but I do have what I need. I make mistakes just like everyone else and I choose to live with those mistakes and apologize when I upset others. I am me. Young Wild and Free. Please do not judge me because you are the one that is ignorant and rude. I am African American. I am a woman. And above all I am human.


Need to talk?

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