Who I Am

I am who I am not who you  think  I am. 

Not who you want me to  be. 

I am a sister 

I am a daughter 

I am a cousin so much more. 

I am a student at Santa Monica College 

To be a teacher and than  a 

Speech Pathogolist, I am smart beauitful & and i can do 

anything if I put my heart into  it.  

I am not a quitter, I am somebody and  will prove to anyone 

wrong what they are judge about  me I don't cares what 

other's say about me this is the real me and I am not afraid 

to  show to  it to the world this is my life,  this is my purpose 

no one else.  God have creating me and still  is to make me the 

person  that is different from other's.I am enough. I am full of 

sparkle and comprassion. I genuinely want to  the world a better place 

for the kiddio's I don't want them  to worries about the gun violence 

or bullies & gangs nothing like that. I love hard.  I practice kindness, 

I am not afraid of the truth.  I am  loyal,  supportive and I am a women.

I am enough I am made  mistakes and I am going to mistakes in my life but I own them  

and learn from them .  All in my Life I been an introvent 

when you  see me you  will  see me like I am mad but I am not mad or depressed but I am 

not depressed but I like To be antisocial I just need to  not talk to anyone for an while and that is okay.  Am I the same girl two years ago? no I am not I have changed I am not that quiet good girl 

I am not that loner anymore I am in this world going to  college & having goals and dreams , 

I am not trying to give an a image of a perfect life,  I just being myself.this is who I am a poet and a human.

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