Who God has bless no Men can curse


What is life? I often asked my self. Sometime in the mist of everything it feel like God must not exist because in my darkest hours I remember being alone. I felt like if there was a God why do he constantly keep on letting bad things happening to me? I have encountered the crulest battles that life has thrown at me. These scars that lies on the flesh of my heart is my evidence and reminder of how far I have came. But it's sad to say that in our deepest hours is where we truly gain our most significant strengths. I remember getting kicked out on prom weekend, I remember seeing the face of someone who shared the same blood as me just kick my things out. It was a cold moment. I didnt had no one to help me fight it was just me, myself and the spirt of God that guided me to another place to live. Through out that experience I learn to never questions the will of God because regardless if a dark cloud is following you where ever you go, God is there with you as long as you truly believe in him. His spirt is there with you. Now looking back at  my struggles from being a nomad on my senior year of high school and to become a full time college student is just amaze me and make me to really be thankful to have God on my side. I remember a man of God once said " who God has bless no men can curse" as I look back at this I use this word of wisdom as my everyday motivation to keep my going and to defeat every battles that life has to throw at me. Many times in our life there may be numerous time we catch ourself questioning the exsistence of God because of the situation we found our self in. But if we just stop questioning God exsistence we will find out the blessings that God placed in all of our trials.


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