Who Are You?

Who are you?

           I am a human.

Who are you?

          I am a human.

Who are you?

          I am a human. Didn’t you hear me?

I don’t think so.

          But I am. Can’t you see?

Why are you sleeping there?

          I have nowhere else.

Why are you standing there?

          I have nothing else to do.

Why are you living here?

          I have no one else.

You need to leave.

          Why must I go?

You are breaking the law.

          I was only sleeping. I didn’t know.

I said leave!

          Where will I flee?

Anywhere but here.

          If only you would help me.

You’re not my problem.

          I have no place to call my own.

You’re bothering the civilians.

          All I want is food.

Scat, you vagrant!

          All I need is some help―

Get off the bench!

          a job—

This is a public park!

          a home—

Don’t make me tell you again.

          a chance.

That’s it you’re out of here.

            You’re taking me to jail?

            I beg you to not.

            I can’t afford bail.

            I’ll stay there to rot.

            You see me as wretched,

            this I’m used to.

            I am still human,

            but what are you?


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Our world
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