Who Am I?


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  Sore inside and out lost in thoughts that can’t be figured out. My emotions are just caught up about...about love, fear, and insecurities. Even trip about boys immaturities. You know what I’m feeling? In my room, alone you think I’m chilling? Ma? Just got a lot on my mind. Out in these streets it’s so hard to trust our kind. Acceptance, so little I can’t hold on to it. Smoke it while its lit then ill receive the acceptance I should get, but who am I? Love, hate, oh it all comes my way. I’m involve in them each and every day. Hey ima find the right one just for me. Next week I got my heart broken you see? Love turns into hate that fast. Nobody knows how long this will last. Cry! Cry! Cry! Girl stop those tears! You can’t waste your time thinking about your fears. It will be okay, you’ll be fine the next day. Too bad I felt the opposite way. Peace, love, and happiness written on my wall. That’s a dream to have them all. Once again who am I? Can’t sleep having bad dreams wake up it’s not what it seems. So what do I do? What am I supposed to think? Will all the madness go with one blink? No forgot this is reality. No one should be judged by their sexuality, but who am I? An 18 year old just saying what’s on her mind. So don’t judge her by what you hear. Get to know her and keep it real, but hey who am I? 



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