Who am I?

Because of history, I am seen as nothing more then a figure to be worn on the side of a man. I have been the one who must always clean, to do the chores, to never be able to be free. I have never explored the world and I probably never will. What's this? I can vote now? I can have my own job outside of my house? I can wear something else then a dress? I can be seen as an equal? It's taken years and as I sit here, tears of joys in my eyes, I look to the crib, my baby girl reaching out to me. I thank God, for that she will be able to be seen as not just a pretty face, but will be seen as someone who is smart, and someone who is able to change the world on her own. I am a woman who has finally become free. This is my life and I am proud to be a woman.

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