The Who

Wed, 07/09/2014 - 09:50 -- AAJones
Figures lie, and liars figure
All wanna' write out a new piece of scripture
They'll say count your blessings before you're gone.
You don't know if you'll last long.
Call you psychopathic mastermind
Dirtying up their good times
Make you a walking contradiction
Something out of science fiction
This head o' yours can't get around
How twisted souls are this tightly wound
Step on me, I'll step in you
I'll see the way your eyes do
Let me wear your skin
So that I can sin
When the day ends
You got nothin'
You don't know shit
You're caught in a rift
'Cause life is a mystery 
Married to false history
Still everyone needs a piece
Can't give you peace
All they want is me
Why can't they let me be
Just another goodgirl, another goodboy
Just another one of their toys
Shove you away into their box
Throw away the key and lock
This is their game, favorite game
This is how they keep you tamed
Round your neck with a collar
Then later trade you for silver dollars
Loyalty is not a thing to them
Canine devotion is not your friend
You'll scream out Jesus, Jesus
O' god please just save us
But your voice falls on deaf ears
'Cause ghosts can't hear or care
They'll pass right through you
Pretend you're someone they never knew
Then you'll forget yourself
And act like someone else
But you've done this already
The day you slept with misery
Wait it gets worst
Cause this ain't the first
It happens everyday
Did someone put your life on replay
Hammerin' down that rewind
What the hell you tryna' find
Come on detective
It's not your fault your defective
Someone fucked up at factory
Cause cleary you can't see
My eyes are your guide
From the otherside


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