"While the World Sleeps"


I lay on my back,
My back to the world.
I watch all the clouds,
The clouds start to swirl.
The swirls turn to pictures,
That rest in my head.
My head sees a land,
A land that I dread.
The sun starts to set,
A pattern it leaves.
The sky burns itself,
No trouble it seems.
And I watch all the stars,
And they know what I see.
The guilt that I hold,
Could fill up a sea.
I hear all the night life,
The night life seems so small.
Small like their hearts,
The hearts that I mourned.
I mourned for three days.
Three days like three years.
I hated their hearts,
But still fell the tears.
The tears crashed around me,
Like raindrops it seemed.
But we lay on our backs,
And our efforts, redeemed.
The sky had refused me,
So I fell to the floor.
I gave up on life,
And fell even more.
Then it rained on my body, 
My life and my heart.
It rained on my world,
And my world fell apart.
I don't care anymore,
My song has been sung.
It ends with a whimper,
As I reach for my gun.
I gaze up above,
One last look at the sky.
It frowned down upon me,
And the rain said goodbye.
My gun, how it shined,
Just like the moon.
This is my life,
It's ending so soon.
But I look to the horizon,
And guess what I see.
It's the sun rising up,
And it's shining on me.
I feel it's warmth,
The warmth of the sun.
I guess it's not over,
I guess it's just begun.


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