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Whey Buttah, Whey Cheese!

My grandmother gingerly sang as she rocked me high into the air on the swing set in the backyard.

My laughs bellowed out. Being flung into the air by a hearty push made me feel like I was soaring. 

That's what her love felt like; warm, engulfing us tightly, but freeing, so that cloud nine felt commonplace.

Her English was chopped into patois, and she fashioned wisdoms.

She'd croon, "The humblest calf sucks the most milk." 

I furrowed my brows,

"Grandma, what does that mean?"

Growing up I witnessed how my Amazing Grace, as she was nicknamed,

stuttering with her broken English, captivate hearts by showing humility. 

I Long to enveloped by the smell of coconut, 


and Scotch bonnet peppers that always clung to her tropical printed;

to feel the grace that clung to her spirit.

But back to Jamaica is where she was forced to go

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My family
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