where sea and blood meet

Let his blood drip on your feet little princess and you will receive eternal life

Holding the knife in hand, it is tempting

Holding your hand to your chest and feel the way your heart beats, it is harder to imagine

For the longest time your heart beat for him

As you look at his sleeping face, the one that rests so closely to his newly wed bride

You cannot bring the knife down on him, you cannot bring yourself to kill the man that you are so madly, desperately in love with

The woman next to him, however-

You can feel your hands move of their own accord

Little princess this is not the way to salvation

Little princess you know better than this

The sun is rising and you know that this will not save you

This will not save anyone

Jealous lover, you do not treat her kindly

The way she danced with him plagues your mind

Your hands are stained

The immediate aftereffect is that your body dissolves

The sea mixes with blood and you share the same fate as her



In another life far removed from the one with the prince and your lovely tail and your lovely voice, you and her meet

She says she forgives you

It is not forgiveness you want

You do not deserve it anyhow

She reaches a hand out to you, and smiles

Little princess you messed up dearly

Little princess you misunderstood your jealousy

The way sea and blood mingled

Your heart, it beat for-


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