Where Is My Soul?

I am alone at the sea.

Bound by the wind.

I only go where it flows.

I've only been where it's been.


I am transferred to the desert.

Sit on top of sandy dunes.

The sun scorches my skin.

Drying up my tears of ruin.


I am blown to the far east.

I meditate in Shinto shrines.

I lay flat on rice farms.

And dine with me and I.


l am gusted to Antartica.

I see only one color.

I feel only numb.

Maybe this way is better.


But the pretending must stop.

The lies I tell myself must die down.

I urge my body to wake up.

But my soul cannot be found.


But my soul cannot be found.

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Nice, I like it.



Thank you!

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