Where is the Love?

Fri, 11/23/2012 - 15:26 -- gamzee

I look around at the world of which I'm a part of,
and then I always ask a simple question:
Where is all the love?

I cannot be at peace when people are not free.
This is not how we were meant to be.

I see people who cannot marry the love of their life.
I see countries and families torn apart by war and strife.
Gender and race; the lack of equality,
I do not think this is how it's supposed to be.

Like a seed that blows in the gentle breeze,
I want to spread love and put bigotry down on one knee.
Every human - every soul - deserves happiness.
They shouldn't be harmed; others must lose bitterness.
Why am I inspired?
Deep within my heart, there is a scorching fire
that demands I help my fellow man-
Screams at me to give them my hand.

My one wish is to deliver upon the world a soothing rain.
To cast away the reign of intolerance and fear,
to deliver humanity from tyranny's pain.



luv ur words. is really motivating and can make ppl to think.


Well put!


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