Where I'm From

Tue, 02/06/2018 - 13:16 -- Ajones1


I remember growing up life wasn't hard.

We had nice cars, big house and living right.

Waking up in the morning hearing my dog barking

and seeing the sun rising.And Thank God for another day.


Where I'm from I grew up 91st N. Custer down street from the Postal Office.

Getting up at the crack of dawn for school.  I remember me and moms used to walk

the dog for a walk and people scared Because she was big rottweiler and they used

run across the street to the other side of the sidewalk.


It was funny of how they ran.

Our dog name was sister because she was family.

And sister Ran out the door and got hit by a car.

She used to give me piggyback rides to the bathroom I

was little , skinny and lazy.


Where I'm from you chillin on the porch with your boys and throwing rocks

at cars and houses. Where I'm from you gotta be in the house before the

street lights come on.  


I remember wearing same clothes to school and had wear to my brothers

clothes. Because I had barely clothes and shoes. And my momma had to pay rent

and buy groceries. 

I remember my granny always told me Never forget where you come

from always be thankful for what you got.


Where I'm from it matter how you look and not about your books.

I remember going to school and getting laughed at and be called ugly

Boys or Girls would talk about my teeth cause it was chipped and talked about

my eye. Even your close friends would talk about you and saying they just playing

but they don't know of the pain you go through.


Where I'm from getting chase by dogs was the way of life because me and my

Friend Daedron used to always trespass on people property and houses. Then

Came hom started to hear gunshots all night.


Where I'm from young boys out here dying in these streets driving stolen cars

getting chase by police. 


Where I'm from you at the park with your little god brothers on Indepence Day

playing and chilling. Next you thing know somebody started shooting.


Where I'm from just cause I didn't get good grades in school don't make me a fool.

I remember applying to different colleges and getting turned down.

In the words of Denzel Washington he said " fall down seven times and get up

eight". What to mean me if seven colleges denied you apply for eight more

and don't give up on your opporunity.


Where I'm from it's love from your momma praying and putting blessing

oil on my head before I went to work. and telling me to be safead watch my back.


Where I'm from on June 16th, 2017 was graduation day was biggest day

of the year.  Because my old Journey close. And my new journey begins.




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These first two poems its about me.

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