Where I'm From

I'm am from peaceful summer days with busy and cold nights

I am from my secert hiding net, below the porch

I am from where music sets the soul free and helps the youth speak their mind.

I'm from where family members are distant, but are never forgotten

From where friends become family and from a family of amazing cooks

I'm from my grandmoothers sweet tarty hot apple pies

and 24 hour family road trips.

I'm from where love doesn't live, where making money illegally is the only goal

I'm from where selling drugs, is much more easier than getting an education

From where families all around me have broken homes and hearts

I'm from where dreams are made, but fail to become fulfilled

And where second, thrid and fourth  chances are taken, but never given.


I'm from the generation of music and innovation

And amazing friends

I'm from summer warm nights are spent in my grandmother's kitchen and garden

I'm from my  sister I's nightly adventures

And from southern cooking that lingeres in the halls

I'm from where bright lights fill the dark night in the sky

From where the hustle and bustle is common and where the streets are always booming

I'm from Chicago. 

This poem is about: 
My family
My community


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