Where I'm From

Where I'm from is who I am

It's a part of me that is not rich in money or jewels

But in hard work and family

I come from a town where it's hard to survive

We never thrived on the things we would buy

Instead, we lived for the ones we would die for

We never considered ourselves poor because we were happy

Sure, we did come up empty handed at times

But we learned to make something... out of nothing

I'm from loyalty

I'm from respect

I'm from the family that I'll never regret

I'm from passion

I'm from devotion

I'm from those who show true emotions

In my heart, there's talent and freedom

If I'm given that, I'll take it and run because there's nothing more that I want

I'm just from where I'm from

My hometown made me flawless within

It taught me to recognize and speak on ignored issues before society feels the need to step in

It taught me to accept the differing footsteps in my path

It taught me to never underestimate my opponent

That intelligence is key

That I should not be led to believe that I am something I am not

And that I cannot be defined nor constrained by the very teeth that gnash in hopes of my failure and tears

Where I'm from raised me to be the person I am right now

This is all I can ever ask for

I am a perfect imperfection

I am me.


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