Where I walked


Trapped beneath a wicked confinement
In an embryonic cage so tight
In dim fallout grounds
A white  dove stands inside and sings

I decided to walk in a different route
Since I've seen too much before this one
Never changing a bitter sound
by day, solemnly and slowly on my dark solitude
Drifting in through my void
Inconspicuous, and shallow
To be unheard or seen in the bewildering eye
From long days of a dime and with a burden of my past will

Blackened of fear with dried tears passing dear by
A heart mournful tainted with agony
Disdained, dreadful as the sun smiles oh so bright
I walk with only one sense sustaining
Nothing but pure dried lips of silence
Nothing but pure dimness of my naked eye

As I walk in my solitude away
I passed once , thinking it will all go away
Where rainy days never felt so atrociously igneous
The white dove in the cage sang mournfully to me
It struck me like a lightning
I looked up and saw her in there
I ignored just this once
Thoughtfully, I must walk there again

Over and over I walk the route
Solitude and black,  I walked and i walked
Till I saw her again, she sang to me  over and over again
It bewildered my thought
My dark and morbid heart
Each day as I walk pass through

The cage was stricken by absolution
Upon the masters will
I couldn't bare longing to get closer
Overwhelmed what the white dove would be.... Something I wondered

I stopped one day to look at it and sing
She sang of the blistering fine torment inside the cage to the outside
Singing and so on
It was worse for her but yet she sang

She sounded of and angel risen from rotting roots
An entity not dead and yet unborn
Soothing to ones soul and alluring if eyes had ears
Through an empty dead  valley way from the master
Echoing around, this bright light of a voice

 It seemed like she sang of  a flower growing in a desert
 So much green growing in a storm on top of a mountain
 a guiding light inside a pitch black romantic fields
A lost man with one paddle inside a tiny raft going across the ocean
A message in bottle suddenly arriving on shore
Obscured where she was but gave oh so much
Blood sought enamoring ones soul
I couldn't do much but burden of my soul

Each day, it seemed like I was growing
Each day, it seemed less lonely
Each day, unique and bright elements would appear in my void
Imminent, when the dove sang
Her gaze was beyond imagining to what she can turn
Spirited longing and freeing the mind

She was sad some days, it was lonely some days and thoughtfully smiled most of the treacherous views in the cage
I smiled and a tear of darkness escaped each time
 letting past run by away

It didn't seem much of the road taken
Dead but Alive where so much appeared in my view
Days seem brighter, nights seemed to fall sleeping in the owls spirit
My heart, my black heart fought through away
Hope longing to reach realization
I sang with her, and stood by to see the dazzling to conic late my burdened soul

I went closer and closer, the cage was formidable
Stoned right of my aching bones
The master must set and the right and free
Alas, thou nothing.
Unnatural beyond human abilities
She smiled and stood still till I walk once more for the day of tomorrow

The day as usual
walked again once more
The route taken by awhile
Walking and looking up
No black solitude near by
No singing, nothing
An embryonic cage empty

Tears struck and blasted the ground
Moaning of meaning to the heavens above
No answer where to be gone
Implosion listing near by the sudden soul taken
Searched everywhere
Alas, empty to the bitter crack

Each day now, dreadful from the last
Yearning and wretched one last for more
Walking through in an everlasting depressed moon
Raining fire eternity in my heart
My cold breathe disdained upon my reality

One day as I took that route once more
I remembered the white dove singing
I regretted not saying goodbye
Maybe free or maybe long gone
It tore me bits
Memories lasting far more strength
So much and yet I sat dark and aloof

Her prepossessing sound echoed in the empty dim fallout grounds where it once stood from the master
Memories of her forever last
thanking the blissful horizon
I smiled again and one I haven't done since the time I saw her

On the route taken, I must take another again
Forgotten past but brightness of my once stricken soul
Onward I must further than when she was
I looked up and walked one last time
Tomorrow yet again awaken by life
I got up and walked once more.

As i walked again, I found a rose growing in a broken street


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