Where I Come From: Where I'm Going


Where I come from
I come from Somalia
People assume
Somalis are dark
But when they see me
they think
Is she really Somali
When I go out with my brothers
They ask
Who is she?
When they say
Our sister
They say
You're kidding right?
Who is she?
Seriously they say
Sometimes when people ask
Where I'm from
I say
I'm from Yemen because
I look more Yemen than Somali
But my dad says
Embrace your heritage
I say what's the damage
I don't lie
When I say I'm Yemen
It's not my fault
When they think
I'm fully Yemen
Even though I'm half Yemen
Where I'm going
Sometimes I don't know myself
I want people to see me as me
Not who my brothers say I am
I'm the girl who likes to try new things
Except for new foods
I want to go to college
But out of the state
And not to be compared
to every one of my brothers
And not to be expected
To be like my sister
Who is a housewife
Where I'm going
I don't know
But I do know
I will fly
From the nest
Where I end up
I don't know
But wherever that is
I know
I can be myself
Without being judged
By other people
I will soar
Through the sky
With my wings
Of freedom
I will be unique
I will be me


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